Ethelyn M. Parkinson

     Ethelyn M. Parkinson was born in 1906 in Oconto County, Wisconsin. She trained and worked both as a teacher and as a nurse, later drawing from her experiences to create the many humorous situations in which she placed her appealing young characters. She wrote plays, poetry and fiction for periodicals as well as her more well-known books for children. In 1970, she was awarded the Abingdon Press Award for her book Never Go Anywhere with Digby. Though her books are set in a period—1950’s-1970’s—in which attitudes, dress and behavior may seem somewhat strange to readers today, the stories remain engaging and accessible. It is human to smile and to laugh, no matter what the time-period, and Miss Parkinson provides her readers with ample cause to do both.

     She is author of the book Good Old Archibald.